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  • Helps promote better circulation
  • Better loft to reduce shoulder pain
  • Reduces arm numbness and neck fatigue
  • CPAP/BPAP friendly for apnea sleepers
  • Helps offset cumulative Sleep Debt
  • Hypoallergenic fill
  • 100% soft cotton tailored shell
  • Hand crafted Amish quality
  • Convenient travel case
  • Machine Washable
  • Comfort Guarantee
Patented therapeutic pillow for the mature sleeper with neck pain
CPAP and BPAP freindly
Without losing pillow loft, the Sweet Spot Pillow™ can be used with the "sweet spot" side UP for more softness or flipped with the "sweet spot" side DOWN for more support. Your body will tell you which side it likes best, then place the embroidered "S" in that direction before lying down. It's the only product that offers both types of sleep in a single pillow. Once you try our pillow, you will not be able to sleep as comfortably without it!
CPAP and BPAP freindly
Sweet Spot Pillow Recommented by Chiropractors and Therapists.


The Sweet Spot Pillow™ is designed to look like a regular pillow but it has two independent chambers with both resilient and soft support which work together. No need to stay in one sleeping position like other therapeutic pillows.

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The "sweet spot" chamber consists of a premium down-like "Slick Hollow" polyester. The support chamber consists of a specially formulated premium resilient polyester. The chambers are separated by a unique comfort stabilizer sleeve which helps maintain its loft and comfort. This sleeve pulls the pillow from the sides under pressure so that it does not flatten like a normal pillow.