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Sleep Debt is the accumulation of lost sleep over a period of time. The average persons daily sleep requirement is approximately eight hours a day. Anything less than eight hours add to your sleep deprivation which adds to the accumulation debt. This debt does not go away. It must be repaid like a credit card or financial debt.

 As this sleep debt builds, the consequences are negative interpersonal interaction, impaired functions, difficulty waking up in the morning, low motivation, irritability, daytime drowsiness and difficulty concentrating. Society has accepted chronic sleep disorder as the norm and drowsiness as a consequence of our demanding life styles.
 The Sweet Spot Pillow™ cannot recover the amount of time you have lost, but it can help with a better quality and more restful sleep. The less time you toss and turn from being uncomfortable, the longer you stay in the "Delta sleep". The "Delta sleep" is the deepest sleep cycle and the time when your body rebuilds itself. This is the cycle time you want to extend for as long as possible. Sweet Dreams Solutions, LLC has created the soft Sweet Spot Pillow™ which provides the support and comfort your neck and shoulders require for a continuous sleep. Try it and experience what so many others are enjoying. Waking up in the morning feeling refreshed will make your whole day more productive!

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